Ledunia as a weather station How about constantly monitoring humidity and temperature with ledunia? All you need is a ledunia and a physical sensor like the DHT-11 or the more precise verion DHT-22, followed by - of course - some lines of Arduino Code. Good news, several DHT libraries already exist for ledunia. In this example we are not going to upload our data to a cloud service. Now we connect ledunia to powerful monitoring solution called PRTG. Get a free version from their homepage (www.paessler.com), if you are interested in. The circuit itself is straight forward. You'll get the sensors at ebay or amazon and the display for example from adafruit.

In our case we've placed everything on a prototyping pcb which we now use as a kind of Arduino Shield. Ledunia will now constantly grab temperature and humidity. All relevant aspects, including voltage and signal strenght, are also available on the tiny OLED Display. In the background all collected data is being pushed (wireless) from ledunia to PRTG.

And that's pretty much of it - easy, right?

We will share all software for this and any other of our projects once we have successfully finished our kickstarter campaign. 

About Ledunia

Ledunia is a powerful WiFi enabled IoT development board with a full TCP/IP stack and microcontroller unit based on the mature of the ESP8266 technology.

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25 July 2017